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Natural Supplements For Cholesterol, Blood Pressure And Heart Disease

Hypertension, or excessive blood strain, is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality now a days. Blood stress can play havoc on blood vessels and inner organs, if left untreated, putting the stage for the development of a heart assault, stroke, or kidney failure.

In humans with moderate to slight blood strain, life-style changes; mixed with beneficial herbal nutritional supplements, can dramatically decrease blood strain and may cast off the want for prescribed drugs as well.

There are so many Ayurvedic herbs and contemporary meals supplements for prevention and treatment of high blood pressure. These may be used as an adjuvant to the drug remedy.

Vitamin C within the shape of Amla Juice ( Amla Saar)

Vitamin C is one of the maximum important antioxidant that is required by means of the frame for removal of loose radicals. The unfastened radicals are the substances that are formed at some stage in numerous metabolic approaches inside our body. They are also formed because of stress, pollutants, smoking, synthetic capsules and many others.They damage the internal lining of our arteries and are answerable for aging, wrinkles, untimely loss of life. Stress and tension increase the formation of unfastened radicals frequently. Vitamin C is a completely essential anti-oxidant which scavenges unfastened radicals and protects us from their dangerous results.

The antioxidant nutrition C may additionally help lower excessive blood stress and ldl cholesterol and helps in formation of arterioneogenesis. I.E. Formation of recent arteries. Recent research discovered that higher blood tiers of diet C have been correlated with decrease systolic and diastolic blood strain.

Amla is the richest herbal source of Vitamin C. It has 30 times greater nutrition C than oranges. Pure Amla juice
Can be consumed dailiy for prevention of headaches of hypertension as well as many different dreadful illnesses.

Coenzyme Q10

Co-Enzyme Q 10 is the herbal nutrition like micronutrient that's required by means of the coronary heart muscle for proper functioning. It presents strength to the coronary heart muscle cells. The daily requirement for prevention of coronary heart ailment and ldl cholesterol renovation is between 30 to 60 mg/day.

Natural Co-Enzyme Q 10 is present within the bark of a tree "Terminalia arjuna". Ayurveda recommends Terminalia arjuna to be taken in the form of "Arjuna Ksheer pak" i.E. In a natural tea form. This tea of Arjun should be boiled in milk and water because the Co-Enzyme Q 10 is better absorbed with milk lipids. Co-Enzyme Q 10 additionally enables in normalizing blood levels of cholesterol.

Suggested dose: While making Arjun tea one ought to use three to five gm of the herb powder and boil it in milk and water to get most advantages.

Flaxseed and Fish Oils

Flaxseed is the only vegetarian source of Omega-three fatty acids, very crucial to preserve the cholesterol levels in control. Flaxseed oil ought to be fed on by human beings tormented by disturbed ldl cholesterol metabolism. Flaxseed oil is utilized in Ayurveda for prevention of coronary heart issues, cancers and plenty of other chronic illnesses. It has been proven to lessen excessive blood stress in severa double-blind studies. Only more virgin bloodless pressed Flaxseed Oil should be used for oral intake. It must not be heated or used for cooking. The Omega-3 fatty acids get destroyed if the oil is heated or used for cooking. It need to be refrigerated to make certain freshness and efficacy. For cooking reason, Mustard oil or Olive oil may be used.

Suggested dose :
Flaxseed oil: 1 tbsp. (14 grams) a day. Take with meals to enhance absorption.

Fish oils: 1,000 mg three times an afternoon. Use fish oil supplements if you don't consume fish at the least two times a week. Keep refrigerated to ensure freshness


Garlic is every other top notch herbal treatment to maintain cholesterol and heart related issues away. It inhibits clot formation through making platelets less in all likelihood to clump, and it could assist decrease cholesterol levels and save you formation of artery-clogging plaques. Garlic includes compounds that are top for digestion of lipids and heavy diets. According to Ayurveda Garlic is extremely beneficial for "Vata" and "Kapha" situations and is a miracle remedy for paralysis and motor nerve issues. Garlic have to be prevented in instances of high blood stress as it is able to increase "Pitta". So it is recommended only in instances of high ldl cholesterol with out blood stress.

Suggested dose: 500 mg twice an afternoon i.E. 1-2 buds once each day. It can be interested in honey or boiled in milk to lessen the heating impact.

Ashwgandha ( Withania somnifera)

Ashwgandha is likewise referred to as "Indian Ginseng" in worldwide natural marketplace. This herb has magnificent residences to alleviate strain, tension. It is known to own adaptogenic homes i.E. It enables frame to evolve to diverse stresses and cope with them. It is rejuvenates cells, relieves fatigue and offers strength to the neuromuscular gadget.
In Ayurveda it's far used in rheumatic situations and as a sexual stamina enhancer. It also will increase the low sperm counts and could be very beneficial in infertility. Regular use of Ashwagandha with milk is recommened in emaciation of children, protein electricity malnutrition as well as insomnia in elderly because of pressure and hypertension. Stress associated blood strain responds thoroughly to Ashwagandha.

Suggested Dose : Ashwagandha root powder may be taken three-6 gm two times daily with lukewarm water or milk.

Brahmi ( Indian Peenywort)

This slender, creeping plant grows typically in localized swampy regions of Asia, Africa, and the tropics. The size of an old British colonial-period penny -- that is how it got here to be referred to as Indian pennywort, marsh penny and water pennywort (with "wort" being the historic anglo-saxon word for plant). . It is well-known in western international as 'Gotu Kola'. Gotu Kola Enhances Tranquility and regulates sleep pattern. It is a fantastic herb not most effective for blood pressure but also for reminiscence weakness, lack on concentration It is regarded as one of the most religious and rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda. Today, this herb has emerge as famous to sell rest, cleanse the blood, decorate brain function, and for strengthening the collagen fibers of the body's connective tissues and circulatory vessels.

Since so frequently we find excessive blood strain is associated with every day pressure, Gotu kola is an essential herb for blood pressure sufferers. Boiled in water or direct juice can be taken at night time for sound sleep and restlessness. It successfully controls blood stress with out causing any aspect consequences.

Suggested Dose:

Brahmi juice may be taken 20 to 30 ml twice each day with same quantity of water.
Brahmi powder can be taken three-6 gm per day with lukewarm water.

Aloe Vera Juice (Kumari Saar)

Aloe vera is likewise known as " The miracle plant". It has been studied to be powerful in such a lot of illenesses. The plant has outer thick leaf and internal tender gel. Aloe gel contains lively materials referred to as glycoproteins and polysaccharides. Glycoproteins are protein-carbohydrate compounds that pace the recovery method via stopping ache and infection. Polysaccharides are a kind of carbohydrate that stimulates pores and skin growth and restore. They also help manipulate the blood sugar tiers and consequently very useful in treating diabetes. These substances are also notion to stimulate the immune gadget. Aloe vera juice lowers down cholesterol levels by means of performing on liver metabolism. It will increase the running ability of liver cells. In Ayurveda it's miles known as "Kumari". Kumari is stated to own the properties of disposing of endotoxins from the frame. It is defined as

"Kumari bhedni sheeta tikta netrya rasayani
Madhura brahni balya vrishya vaat vish pranut"
Classical Ayurvedic Text. BPN- verse- 230. ( 1700 A.D)

i.E. Aloe vera removes endotoxins, it's far soothing, bitter tonic, improves eyesight, rejuvenative (Anti-getting old), strengthens frame, enhances immunity, increases power and energy, relieves 'Vata' and gets rid of 'poisons' from the frame.
Cholesterol is taken into consideration as endotoxin or "Aama" according to Ayurveda. The satisfactory homes of " Kumari Saar" the inner juicy portion of Aloe vera is to do away with this 'Aama' from our body. According to Ayurveda this 'Aama' is the cause for formation of uric acid crystals, Gall bladder stones, Rheumatoid arthritis, Cysts and fibroids, cholesterol deposits. So Aloe vera juice is a very beneficial herb in a number of sicknesses together with blood pressure and cholesterol.

Suggested dose: Aloe vera juice may be taken 20 ml two times each day diluted with equal water.

Shankhpushpi ( Convolvulus pluricaulis)

Shankhpushpi is some other beneficial herb well-known for enhancing reminiscence in kids. The herb has bloodless, bitter tonic, relieves pitta and warmth within the body. It is likewise useful for excessive metabolic fees, put on and tear reactions. It calms down the hyperactive neurons and for that reason controls the blood strain and improves reminiscence. It additionally heals stomach and duodenal ulcers. This herb gives amazing results in stress and anxiety associated hypertension.

Suggested dose: 20 ml of Shankhpushpi juice or syrup may be taken two times day by day for one month to get good effects.Shankhpushpi powder (Buy Total Heart Support containing Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Arjuna and lots of other herbs for heart problems) can be consumed 1 teaspoonful twice daily with luke heat water.

Haritaki ( Terminalia chebula)

Terminalia chebula is also generally referred to as 'Harar' an age vintage treatment to relieve constipation. In Ayurveda, Haritaki is considered as mom of all herbs. Ayurveda considers 'Vayu' as a chief offender for high blood pressure. 'Haritaki' in aggregate with another two herbs 'Amla' and 'Bahera' makes the well-known Ayurvedic preparation 'Triphala'. Triphala is best mixture to dispose of hypertension, constipation and excessive ldl cholesterol. Haritaki on my own may be very beneficial for decreasing down blood levels of cholesterol in addition to controlling bouts of high blood pressure.

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